Amber's All Breed Grooming

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Single Services offered

Nail trims: Free on select Saturday mornings, $7 regular. Travel Nail trims $30 for first pet, additional $5 per extra pet 

Nail and foot trim - $10.00 in my home, $35 for travel (pads shaved, feet fur trimmed and nails trimmed and dremmeled)

Ear Cleaning - $5.00 in my home, $30 for travel (wax buildup, dirt and debris can cause many ear problems if left for too long)

Ear Plucking - $5.00 in my home, $30 for travel (using a ear powder to safely and effectively remove ear hair from the canal, allowing proper air flow to prevent bacteria and yeast from growing and causing big problems)

Face Clean up - $15.00+ in my home, $30 for travel (shave in front of eyes, trim visor above eyes, and minor trim of beard )

Bum Clean up - $10.00 in my home, $30 for travel (got clingons? not sure what might be hanging from your dogs rear end? We can shave the fur back there to ensure nothing can get caught in the fur as puppy does his/her business, can also be done for cats as well)

Clean-up (includes face trim, bum trim and nail/foot trim) - $30+ in my home (Clear in front of eyes, shave down muzzle if needed/wanted, trim beard/moustache, trim feet fur including pads, shave sanitary area, and trim of nails with clippers and or dremmel)